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木村技研様 配線用板バネ_R
【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)                             Plate thickness:t=0.2                                     Process:Progressive pressing process, Degreasing, bagging                             

This is a leaf spring produced by progressive press processing.
After degreasing, we are doing bag packing.
In addition to the press, we are able to packaging products in the assembly process.


流浸工業 ホスクリーン
流浸工業 ホスクリーン (2)
【 DATA 】

Material:SUS304-2B                                        Plate thickness:t=1.5                                 Process:
Progressive pressing process, barrel polishing

This is a processing example of progressive press and barrel polishing for stainless steel material. This products are symmetrical to each other, enabling one mold to produce both left and right parts. This also saves cost. We have a variety of processing methods for customers’ desired shape.

Tarp pole

【 DATA 】

SUS304CSP【Body】                                                SUS303【Pin】                                            Process:
Progressive pressing process【Body】

This is an example of joint crip to be used for a tarp pole for outdoors. We accept small orders through online. For mass-production, please contac us directly.

Blade spring for carabiner hook

中央ビルト カラビナフック板バネ アップOK_R
【 DATA 】

Material:HT-1770                                          Plate thickness:t=0.6                                       Process:Pressing, Washing & heat treatment                         

This blade spring is made of precipitation hardening stainless steel hardened by heat. After progressive pressing and washed, it has heat hardening (aging). It may be hard to process forming shape with SUS631, we have various choices including HT1770

Heater clip

AFREX ヒータークリップ_R
AFREX ヒータークリップ (3)_R
【 DATA 】
Material:SUS304CSP-H                    Plate thickness:0.5mm                       Process:Press, barrel polishing, cleaning

This product is used for clipping wiring.                         
The shape is formed in 4 processes with a single press. Barrel polishing and cleaning are applied next.


大阪熱処理 コプリング_R_R
【 DATA 】

Manufacturable specification range                             Material:SUS301(Spring part)                         Plate thickness:0.1㎜~0.7㎜                              Width:5㎜~100㎜                                
Load (torque): 15g to 35kg (per piece)

This “copling” that operates with constant load and constant torque, regardless of the amount of elongation or deflection.
                   《Usage》                                           ①Lifting device:Supports lifting and lowering heavy objects with little force.
②Balancer: Balances (stops) an object at decided position
③Motor:Adopts a winding method on a drum                       Please contact us for more information.

-Patti PIPE JOINT CLIP - Multicolor

【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)【Body】 
SUS303(Austenitic stainless steel)【Pin】

Pressing 【Body】
Powder coating【Body and Pin】

New colors were added to the joint clip of our original product “Patti series”.
This is an example of powder coating applied to the main body of stainless steel.

One-touch mounting leaf spring

【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.35mm  Process:Press, degreasing (Wood waste processing)

It is a one-touch mounting leaf spring that requires no screw to set. Since it can be installed with one hand, it leads to a reduction in assembly time.



【 DATA 】

Material:SK-85(Carbon tool steel)
Plate thickness : 0.8mm
Process:Pressing and heat treatment
This is an example of heat treatment
(Austemper treatment)
after one-shot press processing.

By performing heat treatment, the color
will change as shown in the photo,
but springiness will be created.
Rust prevention treatment such as
plating is recommended for post-treatment.

Leaf spring for lighting


【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness : 0.5mm
Process: Multi-forming and tempering process.

As hard SUS301CSP-H material with the thick ness of 0.5, processing is very difficult.

Hemming processing


【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.4mm
Process:Press, barrel polishing

This is an example of a product
that has undergone hemming bending.
The center of the product is bent
in two places. It is an effective
processing method for ensuring product
strength and safety measures.

Tip bending process


【 DATA 】

Material:SK85(Carbon tool steel)
Plate thickness:1.5mm
Process:Press、heat treatment, surface treatment
(trivalent chromate treatment and baking treatment)

This is a product with size of about 23 mm.
This product has convex parts of about 2 mm,
and the convex parts are bent and molded into
twisting shapes. The process is performed at once.

Hold spring


【 DATA 】

Material:HT1770(Precipitation hardening stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.6mm
Process:Press, aging process(Precipitation hardening)

It is a leaf spring product with
a plate thickness of 0.6 mm and
the length of about 50 mm.
We perform aging treatment (precipitation
hardening treatment) in-house.

Due to the influence of the oxide film
by aging treatment, the surface of the
product turns brown.

If the discolored surface is a problem,
vacuum heat treatment can be applicable
to prevent the color tone.

Processing of brass material, plating


【 DATA 】

Plate thickness:0.5mm
Process:Press, surface treatment (tin plating))

It is a product with a plate thickness of 0.5 mm and the length of about 20mm.

This product have Tapers on both ends. The surface of the product is finished in silvery white by tin plating.

Click flat spring


【 DATA 】

(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.05mm
Process:Multi-forming, heat treatment

This is an example of processing with a very thin material with a plate thickness of 0.05 mm.

Seamless slide bracket


【 DATA 】

Material : SUS301CSP-3/4H
(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness : 0.3mm
Process : Pressing

A leaf spring for lighting equipment.
It is used when installing the LED
light by sliding it, and it can be
easily attached and detached.

We also produce leaf springs for
many lighting fixtures, such as leaf
springs for downlights.

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