Application example

Progressive pressing process

【 DATA 】

Material: SEHC                                       Plate thickness:t=1.6                                       Full length:600mm (Approx.)                                  Process: Progressive pressing                                     

It progressively fix pitch presses to realize process with long length material. As we are experienced in this processes, please consult with us.

Single-shot bending


【 DATA 】

Material: SPCC
Plate thickness: 1.0 mm
Processing: Pressing, barrel polishing, trivalent chromate plating.

Bending with single press working. After pressing, barrel polishing and
trivalent chromate plating are applied.

Burling processing

IMG_0252_R-300x200 (1)

【 DATA 】

Material: SPCC
Plate thickness: 1.6 mm
Processing: Pressing, burling and M4 tapping.

This is an example of burling and M4 tapping.

Counterbore press processing


【 DATA 】


(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:1.5mm
Processing: Pressing and barrel polishing.

The counterbore part of this product is an example of press processing.

Drawing and hemming process

絞り・ヘミング加工 (1)
絞り・ヘミング加工 (2)

【 DATA 】

Material : SGCC
(Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet)
Plate thickness : 1.2mm
Process : Pressing【Mass-produced product】

This is an example of a product which had processed drawing and hemming.
The hemming process on the plated steel sheet is a process in which dents are likely to occur because a large amount of peeled material powder is generated, but the occurrence of the dents is suppressed by devising a coating on the mold.

Pressing spring


【 DATA 】

Material :Pure nickel material
Plate thickness : 0.1mm
Process : Pressing, aligned packaging.【Mass-produced product】

This is an example of processing using pure nickel, which has excellent corrosion resistance against harsh environments.
When taking care of this product, wearing gloves and not using press oil is needed. We always try to take the best possible measures so that there are no problems depending on the material.

Aperture bending


【 DATA 】

Material:SUS304 2B
(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness :1.0mm
Process : Pressing, barrel polishing【Mass-produced product】

The side of this product is drawn and bent. Drawing bending is a difficult process because the material is easily stick to the mold, but we have devised a special coating on the mold to prevent sticking together.

Product processing with highly corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet


【 DATA 】

Material:ZAM(High corrosion resistant hot-dip galvanized steel sheet)
Plate thickness :1.6mm
Process : Pressing【Mass-produced product】

The product size is 30mm and is press-processed using ZAM
(Nippon Steel’s highly corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet).

This material has better workability than general hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and has good elongation to the end face,
so it is also suitable for thick products.
In addition, the protective film melted from the plating layer covers the
processed cross section, so it has excellent corrosion resistance.
Since no surface treatment is required for post-processing,
total cost reduction can be expected.

Measures against burrs on stamped products


【 DATA 】

Material:SUS304 2B
(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:1.0mm
Pressing, barrel polishing【Mass-produced product】

Pressed 2B, which is temper-rolling material, and then had
barrel-polishing to remove burrs.
Since there is a risk of deformation in normal barrel polishing,
we have devised ways to prevent
deformation by adjusting the amount of media (abrasive stone / abrasive) and process time.

Stainless curl bending


【 DATA 】

Material:SUS304 BA
(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.2mm
Process : Pressing
【Mass-produced product】

We bend the material which has a glossy surface. By dividing the bending process into several times, it is possible to prevent bending scratches and create a beautiful curve.

Band parts for automobiles


【 DATA 】

Material:SUS304 2B
(Austenitic stainless steel)
Plate thickness:0.8mm
Process : Pressing
【Mass-produced product】

A leaf spring for fastening rubber boots and preventing grease leakage.

Automobiles have a mechanism called a constant velocity joint that transmits the driving force from the engine to the tires,
which are covered with rubber boots. This is an important part that corresponds to the mechanism of the drive system.

Originally, the band was fastened with screws, but we proposed a screwless, one-touch type and our customer adopted it.

In addition to OEM, we actively support ODM according to our customer’s request.

CGCC(White painted steel plate)

CGCC(白塗装鋼板) (1)
CGCC(白塗装鋼板) (2)
【 DATA 】

Having the product painted by a material manufacturer in advance, we then press it. This is mainly produced for lighting-related products, and is characterized by a very beautiful surface finish.

Welding and galvanizing

溶接+溶融亜鉛鍍金 (1)
溶接+溶融亜鉛鍍金 (2)
【 DATA 】

Welding SS400 material with a plate thickness of t3.2, and then plating the material. We can support all the process. Since the product is large and heavy, it is treated with hot dip galvanizing.

Architectural hardware

【 DATA 】

We supply press processed metal parts for strike front of entrance door, closet door, lock parts, and so forth. And we are capable to assemble them.

Strike front’ is processed in multiple ways such as bending and drawing, which has been having a problem with breaking blue protective sticker, however, we’ve improved the process by adjusting contact pressure on the molds and now it has less problem.


【 DATA 】

Press processing of crimp tools and saw teeth using special steel.

In the crimping tool, we proposed cost reduction by pressing the gear part, which was conventionally cut by machining.【Mass production】

Wire springs

【 DATA 】

We supply various wire springs such as accessories, shaft of fishing lures, and kick springs for construction machineries.【Mass production】


【 DATA 】

We supply terminals for lighting equipment, contact points of batteries by press working.【Mass production】


【 DATA 】
Folding door style hinge.

According to the size and weight of the panel, we design parts individually upon request.

This hinge features an outer and inner folding prevention mechanism.

Material: SUS304  2B

Material: HT1770

【Mass production】

Flat springs

【 DATA 】

These are the general examples of processed flat springs.
We make suggestions on the shape and material depending on the purpose or specifications.
Material: SUS301 CSP 1/2H, 3/4H, H

【Mass production】

Metal components for construction

【 DATA 】

Pipe connection fittings for construction materials.
Metal joints for construction materials.
Those materials have high corrosion resistance with disgo treatment on special steel.
Transfer press processed item made of 3/4H (stainless steel spring material).
The process of curling part is remarkable. They are used as stopper
for the hood of extractor fan.
Material: SUS301 3/4H

【Mass production】

Parts for lighting equipments

【 DATA 】

Example process of recent press parts
Available material to be processed: SUS301 1/2H-SUS301EH, HT1770,
S45 – S65C, SK85, SUS631, Phosphor bronze, NSS431-DP2

【Mass production】

Precision small pressed parts

【 DATA 】

Example process of recent press parts
Available material to be processed: SUS301 1/2H – SUS301EH, HT1770,
S45 – S65C, SK85, SUS631, Phosphor bronze, NSS431 – DP2