Scope of business operations

Scope of business operations

Suggesting ideas

Based upon our know-how on processing we have been developing, we can participate your planning and designing for the new manufacturing.
As experts of flat springs, we can contribute to minimize the lead time for development of products and to cut down the cost by using our know-how.
As we keep updating our technology and knowledge on newly developed materials through observing the market, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Prototype processing

Processing products by drawing only may lead to connote potential problems on production. Therefore, we interview the customers to have more information on ‘customers demand’, ‘use for the products’, ‘design concept’ and so forth so that the prototype can match to the finished product ideal for the customers, which is our feature on manufacturing. We promise that we will be helpful for you by understanding important points on ‘cost’, ‘delivery’, ‘quality’, and ‘working accuracy’ of the product to produce prototype that may contribute to facilitate development of new product and its mass production.

Designing and manufacturing metal mold

You can also trust us with designing and manufacturing metal molds. We have been designing and manufacturing various kind of press molds independently.
The press molds are very important as they have great influence on the accuracy of the press parts by 80%, we are particular about manufacturing highly accurate mold and maintenance of them. Since we prioritize your needs, you will recognize not only the cost performance but also the value.

Press working

On manufacturing, it is the feature of press working to make it in bulk rapidly and inexpensively. But it won’t work depending on the function of the machines. We manufacture the product with having know-how and skills that have great effects on the quality. And as we conduct not only press working but also degreasing, barrel polishing, and so forth, which is integrated manufacture of press products. Furthermore, we are accredited by ISO 9001 and 14001, which promises high quality and eco-friendly production.

Assembly products

We think that most of you order processed parts to various suppliers, collect, and assemble them to make them complete products. And we hear that those operations are quite complicated and painstaking having difficulty on controlling quality and delivery.
We conduct assembly service through the network of small and medium-sized enterprises in Osaka. We can relieve your burden by ordering /collecting press parts, plastic parts, screws, and so forth with quality and delivery control comprehensively on your behalf.