Concept of our suggestion

It’s a very important task for enterprises to develop high value added products in this era with over supply.
We consult with customers from the initial stage to have more information on customers’ needs, request on development, and so forth so that we can make suggestion on practical way of process, suitable material, and shape of products with considering future mass production as experts of manufacturing.


When you are wondering if you can make it or not. Please do not to hesitate contact us.
We will realize your ideas in shape not only springs but also other items.

Meeting with customers

We visit you or ask you to come to our office to have consultation in order to get the details on your demand. After that, we produce development specification to facilitate joint development or to support your own being flexible to your stance.

Investigation and discussion

Based upon your idea, we conduct trial manufacturing in practice.
And we evaluate the prototype and clarify the points to be improved before mass production.
Of course, we support your point of view to make them visible.

Suggestion to costumers

As we conduct trial manufacturing and designing by ourselves, we can design the parts considering difficulties and expected problems at mass production, which minimizes the lead time from trial manufacture to mass production.

Inquiry for trial manufacture and mass production, please refer to the followings