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Precision small pressed parts

【 DATA 】
Example process of recent press parts
Available material to be processed: SUS301  1/2H - SUS301EH, HT1770,
S45 - S65C, SK85, SUS631, Phosphor bronze, NSS431 - DP2, and so on

Parts for lighting equipments

【 DATA 】
They are used as holders for fluorescent lamps and reflectors of lighting equipments
Recently we have seen increase of plat springs that are used NSS HT1770
We process any kind of materials that are available in the market

Metal components for construction

【 DATA 】
Metal joints for construction materials.
Those materials have high corrosion resistance with disgo treatment on special steel.
Transfer press processed item made of 3/4H (stainless steel spring material)
The process of curling part is remarkable. They are used as stopper
for the hood of extractor fan.
Material: SUS301 3/4H

Flat / blade springs

【 DATA 】
These are the general examples of processed flat/blade springs.
We make suggestions on the shape and material depending on the use/purpose or specifications
Material: SUS301 CSP  1/2H, 3/4H, H


【 DATA 】
Folding door style hinge.
According to the size and weight of the panel, we will design them individually and properly
The feature of our hinges is to be equipped with outer/inner folding proof.
Material: SUS304  2B
Material: HT1770 and so forth


【 DATA 】
We supply terminals for lighting equipment, contact points of batteries, and so forth by press working.

Wire springs

【 DATA 】
We supply various wire springs such for personal ornaments, shaft of fishing lures, and kick springs for construction machineries.


【 DATA 】
We supply pressed tools made of special steels such as crimping tools, saw blades, and so forth.
Upon processing crimping tools, we've suggested press process on the gear parts that was usually  processed by machining in the past. And that has reduced the cost and accepted by a customer.

Architectural hardware

【 DATA 】
We supply press processed metal parts for strike front of entrance door, closet door, lock parts, and so forth. And we are capable to assemble them.

Strike front' is processed in multiple ways such as bending and drawing, which has been having a problem with breaking blue protective sticker, however, we've improved the process by adjusting contact pressure on the molds and now it has less problem.