Management Policy


Our management policy (5 principles)

  1. 1.We, as experts on designing and developing parts/products, aim to be most helpful for customers.
  2. 2.We suggest novel ideas on manufacturing
  3. 3.We make suggestions considering both aspects on parts processing and material concerns
  4. 4.We produce and sell products considering quality and environment matching the world standard (*1).
  5. 5.We realize work environment in which non-handicapped and handicapped persons work together
*1 World standard (ISO9001、ISO14001accredited factory)

3 promises / declarations

1. We observe stable production and supply of the parts!
We contribute to supply chain by our production and quality control system that enable stable production of yours
2. We contribute to minimize lead time for actual production!
We support you from designing of trial manufacture up to production with foreseeing actual assembly process and mass production
3. We always challenge something new by updating our information and technology forever!
We try our best to process difficult materials and development of product even they seem to be almost impossible.