Quality / Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

  1. 1.To establish absolute quality system that is beyond customers satisfaction.
  2. 2.quality first; individually and organizationally, create behavior and judgment standards that are always conscious of “quality”
  3. 3.Always on the premise of customer-conscious manufacturing, continue to boldly take on the challenge and maintain the quality of global standards.

Environmental policy

  1. 1.We manufacture our products with our policy to be friendly to the environment, earth, and humans.
  2. 2.Our manufacturing aim at saving natural resources and energy by reducing waste materials and preventing pollution.
    (Including sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity and ecosystem protection).
  3. 3.Our production activities will build an environmental management system and carry out continuous improvement with the environmental policy.
  4. 4. Our production activities comply with environment-related laws and other regulations.
  5. 5. Spring is a semi-permanent energy, and we develop parts and products that make the best use of the energy of the spring, and actively create it as a substitute for other energy or as a new parts mechanism.