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Our company was founded in Higashinari-ku, Osaka in 1972 during the period of high economic growth in Japan.
After the war, we manufactured leaf springs for spinning machines, and at this time, we started a new press product business as a corporation.
At the time of our founding, we started production of pressed parts with two pin clutch presses *, the company founder, and the managing director. 

With the spirit of turning our original ideas into shapes, we aggressively challenged pressed leaf spring parts for lightings and construction businesses which other companies could not create. 
In the era of high economic growth, we expanded our business with this spirit and management style.

In the era of high economic growth, as individual income increased, the penetration of black-and-white TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines which were said to be sacred treasures, and motorization was accelerated.

In 1999, the production base of the press parts factory was moved to Chusyo-Kigyo-Danchi(中小企業団地) in Tomdabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture, in order to avoid environmental problems of noise and vibration.

After the bubble economy collapsed and entered a deflationary and overproduction, the acceleration of overseas production by major companies and high-mix low-volume production matched the era and became the mainstream.

It was also a time when we made a major change to a manufacturing system that meets the needs of our customers by building an integrated manufacturing production system from trial production (small lots) to press dies, pressed parts and assembly work.

Currently, Japanese manufacturing is proud of the traditional style and confident in the technical capabilities in the world business.  However, I believe that we need more aggressive challenges seen in East and Southeast Asia to recover the economy in the deflationary deadlock and COVID-19 situation.

While economic globalization and borderless world are accelerating, we would like to work with all employees to create new products that utilize the DX and AI functions in our business while balancing the environment and economic activities and effects of COVID-19.

From the past to the present and for the next 50 years, our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and our employees, we will push forward with our new business activities as Showa Spring Co., Ltd.

Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to working with you.

Representative director 
Masahiro Kitamura