Profile of staffs

General Affair / Business Group

Haruka Sawai
I do my best to achieve customers’ satisfaction by trying to eliminate late delivery.
Production Technology Group
Yuya Asai
I make a research always to design die molds with easier maintenance procedures.
Quality Assurance Group
片山 翔吾

Shogo Katayama
I work hard not only for my group but also for supporting the other groups. Especially for CAM supporting, I do my best not to trouble the Manufacturing Technique Group
New Development and Statistical Rationalization Group
Section chief 
Yasuo Ogata
I do my best to produce new products and way of designing and processing with originality.
Press Process Group team 1

Takayuki Sugimoto
I do my operation with safety first considering way of prevention not to cause injury practically.
Press Process Group team 2
金山 忠彦

Tadahiko Kanayama
I do my best to work effectively to observe delivery.
Assembly Group
梅川 京子

Kyoko Umekawa
I do my best to arrange the work place in good condition so that the operators can start operation quickly.
Administration and Production Control Group
榎 麻里
Group Leader 
Mari Enoki
I do my best to make good production schedule so that we can deliver the products in time.
Sales Group

Kouhei Takada
I only have a carrier of 2 years as a salesman and not yet an expert, however, I always do my best to achieve customers’ satisfaction.
Trial Manufacture Group
松本 清
Group Leader 
Kiyoshi Matsumoto
I do my best to release good products with my confidence.