Example to avail / apply flat springs

Plating on fine parts

極小部品へのメッキ処理 (1)
極小部品へのメッキ処理 (2)
【 DATA 】

This is a sample product with nickel plating on phosphor blonde.
As it
s plated on a fine parts, we handle it with special procedure to avoid deformation. 

Wave Washer

【 DATA 】

This is a wave washer made of special steel (SK85).
This has been accepted as a massproduction item after we had designed it with calculating load according to the request from a customer.

Caulking process

【 DATA 】

This is a spring parts with caulking process, which is made of phosphor bronze. The caulking process is suitable to stabilize the shape of the product, however, if it’s overloaded upon processing, it may deform easily. 
The adjustment is quite delicate as this product requires higher quality standerd also.

Single press bending process

【 DATA 】

We are good at progressive press process, however, we may handle single press process for small lot.
The product that appears in the image above is single press bending processed item made of SK85.
In order to make the inner briliant circle, we punch the material to cut out the outer, and bend it, then at the 3rd / final process, we form the circle shape.

SUS301 1 / 2H with goldplating

【 DATA 】
We plate SUS spring material with gold, which is for a battery terminal on a wristwatch.
As it is a small part processed with precision die mold, we conduct it without deformation.

Special coating materials (spring material)

【 DATA 】

This is made of stainless steel spring material with pre-special coating.
Upon processing, we ap-ply special treatment on the surface of the die mold so that it won’t damagethe special coating on the material. This procedure is applicable to dowel machining and so forth.

Bending / drawing process

【 DATA 】

This is a sample parts with bending/drawing process on SUS304 2B.
Upon this kind of process, the die mold tends to seize, however, we apply special treatment on the surface of the die mold to prevent seizure.

Size cutting progressive processing

【 DATA 】

This is made of stainless steal spring material by size cutting progressive processing.
Stainless steal material is relatively expensive, however, upon processing this parts, in order to  reduce the cost, applying secondary material with size cutting.

SK material processed with hemming

SK ヘミング1
SK ヘミング2
【 DATA 】

This is processed with hemming on SK85 with thickness of 0.6mm.
In order not to have crack, its die mold is given a special charactristics.