Example to avail / apply flat springs

Conical spring

【 DATA 】

This is also called ‘Volute spring’ or ‘Taper rolled flat spring’.When the applied area is narrow for the ordinary compression spring or requires more flexibility, this will be very useful. 

Flat spiral spring

【 DATA 】

This is a small flat spiral spring. We can produce big flat spiral spring and S shaped spring, too. This is used for sliding door closer, small wire fence, and so forth.

Multiple ways of processing (The case with locking spring)

【 DATA 】

The parts that connect pipes with joints so called locking springs have 2 ways of processing. The 2 parts on the right in the image have been processed in calking pins and the one on the left side has been processed with drawing. In the ways like these, we are capable to process the materials in the different ways by budget and purpose.

Process with thin blade spring material

【 DATA 】

This has been made of thin blade spring material with its thin of 0.13mm. In order not to have crack on the burring part, we have optimized the way of the process.

Barrel finishing on stainless steel material

【 DATA 】

This is a stainless steel (t0.8) product with barrel finishing. In order to upgrade the appearance, we can implement barrel finishing for more gloss on the products.

Process with progressive pressing

【 DATA 】

They are stainless steel parts for a medical appliance. Upon sequential pressing processes, when particular parts are processed continuously, they may cause burr. In order to prevent this kind of defect, we process ‘matching’ , which appears on the image as hollow part on the image on the left.

Ultrathin stainless steel plate processing

【 DATA 】

This product is made of ultrathin stainless steel, whose thickness is 0.1mm.

The bending process isn't done by ordinary press mold die but by pseudotype, which is extremely difficult to secure the roundness.


Fluorescent tube holder

【 DATA 】

This product is to hold a fluorescent tube. Although the supply of this kind of items in the market is getting smaller due to popularisation of LED lighting, we can supply it even in small lot.

Quick fastener (At M-Tech element Exhibition)

【 DATA 】

This blade spring is to combine 2 tube materials together. Comparing it to the ordinary way with bolts, this way has much higher workability, which may be advantage of availing this parts. This parts was exhibited at Western Japan M-Tech element exhibition. 

Wiper blade

ワイパーブレード (1)
ワイパーブレード (2)
【 DATA 】

This is a core part of a wiper, which is made of 2 deformed stainless steel wires.
After pressing them, they are caulked on the tips.