Policy on quality and environmental concerns

ISO14001 2008年6月取得
ISO9001 2000
obtained in July 2004
ISO14001 2008年6月取得
obtained in June 2008

Quality Policy

  1. 1.To confirm absolute quality system that is beyond customers satisfaction.
  2. 2.To enhance action and judgmental standard as a manufacturer, which is based upon ‘quality first’ from individual to organization level
  3. 3.To keep challenging renovation and maintain of quality by prioritizing customers’ needs

Environmental policy

  1. 1. We manufacture our products with making them our motto to be friendly to the environment, earth, and humans
  2. 2.We aim at saving natural resources and energy by reducing waste materials with preventing pollution
  3. 3.We continuously reduce the environmental concerns by fabricating environment management system with observing environmental policy
  4. 4. We observe the environment concerned laws and other requirements.
  5. 5. We create and develop products actively availing the power of spring as alternative energy source or the heart of system by maximizing the potential of springs, which have semipermanent energy