Company history

1928Established by Mr. Sokichi Kitamura as Showa Spring Works at 1312 Tachiba-cho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi1
1945Business suspended by the world war 22
1953Business resumed as individual workshop to produce mainly spinning springs at 2-19-6 Fukae-minami-cho, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi2
1968Masahito Kitamura, the present chairperson developed flat spring process by press machine
expanding business transaction
1971Establishment of company4
1979Launch of the second factory at 2-17-15 Fukae-minami5
1987Office relocation and launch of design section at 2-18-5 Fukae-minami6
1993Launch of Fukae Factory at 1-15-2 Fukae-kita7
1996Launch of The third assembly factory at 2-18-3 Fulae-minami7
Capitalization value: 7,000,000JPY7
Capitalization value: 10,000,000JPY7
1999Center of business and factories integrated in Tondabayashi Factory located in Osaka Tondabayashi Chusho-kigyo danchi8
Aug.2004Introduction of press robot8
Mar.2004Launch of mass production of automobile parts8
Jul.Accredited on ISO 9001:20008
Aug.Capitol increase by 15,000,00JPY8
Jun.2005Extension of press robots8
Extension of 200T press machines8
Nov.Establishment of the second factory8
Sep.2006Extension of 60T press machines8
Feb.2007Renovation of assembly room (extension of 3 assembly lines)8
Jun.Introduction of electric discharge wire processing machine of Mitsubishi electronic8
Nov.Inauguration of Masahiro Kitamura as the representative director8
Jun.2008Accredited on ISO140019
Aug.2009Introduction of AIDA double crank servo press machine9
Feb.2010Capitol increase by 20,000,000 JPY9
Aug.Introduction of AIDA 110T single crank servo press machine9
Jan.2011Introduction of 3 dimensional coordinate measuring machine9
Winning 'Osaka excellent manufacturer award 2010'9
May.Introduction of Automatic 3 dimensional storage system (Daifuku)9
Jul.Launch of Kadoma Factory (for manufacturing metal mold)9
Dec.Launch of the third factory (for manufacturing metal mold)9
Apr.2012 Introduction of Makino V33 Vertical machining centers9
Aug.Introduction of Keyence image sensor measuring machine (IM-6500)9
Sep.Alteration of lighting in the main factory to LED9
Jan.2013Introduction of Amada slot processing machine SH3D9
Mar.Introduction of electric discharge wire processing machine of Mitsubishi electronic (MV1200R)9
Mar.Introduction of automatic load testing machine (MAX-5KN)9
Apr.Web camera system installed9
May.General inspection by ISO for updating of ISO9001 and 140019
Aug.3 stage washer9
Vibration barrel washer installed9
Nov.LED lighting system introduced to the third factory9
Sales delivery center established9
Dec.Surface grinding machine updated 9
Website renewal 9
Jan.2014Showa Create Cebu Inc., an over sea subsidiary at Cebu Philippines, launched9
Jun.Staffing a booth at Tokyo Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Exhibition9
Jul.Tokyo sales office established9
Aug.Introduction of AIDA 80T single crank servo press machine9
Non-contact type three-dimensional measuring instrument 1 whole set introduced9
Feb.2015AIDA 160t double crank press machine installed at Cebu factory9
MayStaffing a booth at Tokyo Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Exhibition9
Sep.New second factory launched9
Oct.AIDA 160t servo press installed at the second factory9
Mitsubishi Electric discharge wire processing machine (MV2400) newly installed9
Dec.Visual inspection apparatus 101V newly installed9
Keyence image dimension measuring system (IM6225) newly installed9
May.2016Officiary sponsoring Evessa Osaka9
Jun.Staffing a booth at Tokyo Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Exhibition9